Monday, September 27, 2004

Better news

Mom had a stomach CAT scan Sunday afternoon. Based on the results of that, she may move to an outpatient status in the next couple days. A blood sample is being sent to California to test for celiac disease. My brother drove down for a pleasant surprise visit. All in all, she is feeling much better and stronger.

I called Mom at 4:30 her time. Just wanted to hear her voice which sounded stronger and clearer than it does at home. Talked briefly and she told me that she got choked up when R. walked through the door.

We are glad that all the bad stuff had been ruled out. I told Dad to call me if he wanted to give us a more in-depth report but he said I had heard all that there was right from the horse's mouth. So he is going to take the evening off from the phone. M

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