Saturday, September 25, 2004

Not an acronym

Sprue is a "chronic, chiefly tropical disease characterized by diarrhea, emaciation, and anemia.
This is interesting to me from a totally backward, nonscientific, etymologic aspect. I was intrigued to find that the word "sprue" had a Dutch origin according to my favorite dictionary that my aunt and uncle gave me for high school graduation. Makes me wonder what tropical hellhole Dutch sailors colonized and how many survived the disease...Celiac Sprue refers to abdominal problems related to improper digestion of fats and wheat proteins.

Thank you for that explanation. I called Dad several times yesterday to try to catch him so he wouldn't be worried about having to fit in a birthday call. I finally caught him last night and he gave me the long rundown. He is trying so hard, but it sure takes a toll on him. It is painful to listen to him try to come up with the word he needs -antibiotic, catheter. This is obviously traumatic for him. I have to remember how old they are. Poor guys.

Anyway, I am up to speed. A friend's son was incorrectly diagnosed with the gluten allergy last year and she was able to find the appropriate resources, recipes, etc. to make the diet not completely inconvenient and unpleasant. Mom would have to give up a lot, but it would be a project for them! M

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