Friday, September 24, 2004

Today I feel frustrated being so far away.

My mom went for a walk with the physical therapist down the hall using a walker today. This is the first time she has done that in well over a week. She is eating her soup, and sometimes her jello. Her new IV connection is "pretty radical" according to Dad. Up to four different potions can be connected and regulated at a time.

The gastroenterologist reports that one of the colonoscopy/stomach scope biopsies indicated a gluten allergy. My dad wants me to research something called S.P.R.U. on the internet. Mom also has a urinary tract infection, which isn't surprising when she was so dehydrated, and also had that catheter blockage. She will get antibiotics for that through the IV.

Now that Dad is rested he is meeting with the doctors, asking questions, and getting better info. He is worried Mom may eventually have to move into a rehab facility, rather than come home. She will certainly be in the hospital through the weekend. She is getting bored enough to have tried to turn on the tv in her room, but not bored enough to put on her glasses to figure out the remote control.

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