Thursday, October 07, 2004

Asking for help is healthy

Just got off the phone with my dad. Offered again to fly up, but Dad doesn't think I should. Things were better today. Mom isn't limp like she was before she went into the hospital. When she has a problem she fights back. I am impressed with the ways they are adapting and problem-solving. They are also doing better about calling their doctor's nurse, or calling the
1-800 number of a food company for ingredient info. They are even open to calling the parents of my college friend to ask about gluten-free food products even though they don't know them from Adam & Eve. They are using the available resources better, is what I'm saying. They are out of the mind-set that you only ask for help as a last resort.

My main frustration is that they don't have a cordless phone. In fact, they are the last people on earth with a rotary dial wall phone in the kitchen. They do have a Radio Shack push-button phone down in the basement. If I could, I would have the phone company out there installing the right kind of wiring and phone jacks for a cordless phone with caller ID.

N - I second that emotion. I called twice yesterday and let the phone ring10 times the first time. I decided they were outside or Dad had his hands full. When I called again 30 minutes later and it still rang forever I got worried. It seems that Dad was in the shower the first time and on the floor doing exercises the second time. He got up too quickly and arrived at the phone dizzy. Madness. At least Mom used the cell phone to call R. from the bedroom.

I thought Dad was feeling "in control" yesterday. He seemed to have had a good rest and was ready for the new day. I gave Dad a pep talk about using resources as well. I told him it was important to call doctors SOONER rather than later. And reminded him to be straight with us. (He said Mom didn't want him to give you all the scoop about the bad day but he told her he wouldn't operate that way. Good.) Anyway, he seemed eager to just ramble a bit and I was happy to oblige. You run an awesome support system from afar!!! We are grateful. M

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