Friday, October 29, 2004

Cross your fingers

If there are no major snags Mom will go home tomorrow. The Gastro Doc says there has been sufficient progress. Mom's had no vomiting for several days. Dad thinks he
can do a better job on the celiac diet than the hospital kitchen. They sent Mom
a bowl of noodle soup, crackers, and a dinner roll for lunch.

The floor nursing staff was having a "tailgate party", not actually in a parking
lot, but there on the floor, with chili and hot dogs. They invited Dad to join them. While he was there, the head nurse of the floor asked him how things were going, and he told her that Mom's lunch was screwed up again. He very nicely and effectively lodged his complaint just by honestly and thoroughly answering her question. The head nurse was going to talk to the dietician, and Dad thought heads might roll. A big "Gluten-free celiac diet" had been written on Mom's blackboard. Dad thinks the nurse will send the dietician up to talk to them, or perhaps to listen to them.

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