Friday, October 15, 2004

The family photo portrait arrived in Lincoln yesterday. Dad got all choked up trying to describe how it just "broke him up" and was such a tear-jerker when they opened it. Fortunately, being a tear-jerker is a good thing this time.

Dad went to the gastroenterologist's office before eight this morning to pick up six days of samples of Welchol to replace the gritty powder that Mom had been mixing and drinking. The grit usually brought on the gags. Now she has to keep down three tablets twice a day taken with meals. We'll see how it goes. They are getting more insistent about doctors and nurses returning their calls in a reasonable time frame. Amen! Welchol, and the grit stuff before, are actually cholestrol-lowering medications, not a bulking intestinal med like Metamucil as the folks had believed. I wish they would ask more questions, but I know how it feels when you are getting the "My time is very valuable" vibe from a doctor.

I am leaving for Lubbock now. Have a good weekend, everybody.

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