Thursday, October 21, 2004

Holding her head up

Just had a call from Dad to bring me up to date. It was a good day. Mom has more color and pep. She is sitting up, and "more interested in holding her head up." * The endoscopy/colonoscopy found two small polyps and took biopsies with some sort of Tupperware melon-baller. It's very sci-fi fX.

Mom wants more and different foods, and all meals stayed down today. She went for a little walk down the hall.

Uncle B. called Dad "late" last night. Mom had a card from her brother today. The hospital "ladies" stop by all the time to visit Mom. I am ready to issue them each a golden halo!
Gastro Doc and the Compassionate Internist have reviewed the breath hydrogen report and found it abnormal, indicating bacterial overgrowth somewhere in the intestinal plumbing. Mom's antibiotic treatment may continue for quite awhile.

Dad went to some senior citizen hangout and had creamy cole slaw, clams, and mashed potatoes for supper. He picked up some apricot kolaches at Hi-V for breakfast tomorrow before his appointment with the dermatologist about his skin cancer (the fairly mild kind that doesn't spread).

I have completely torn apart the living and dining rooms to rearrange furniture and clean. A little corner of my life will be under control.

I'm doing lots of venting these days. Tell me if you don't want the updates, and I will completely understand. I feel like taking Dramamine for the turbulence, and I thank you all for your moral support. I think we would all like to return our tray-tables to the upright position and prepare for landing.

*Just two months ago we expected to be sitting together at the Santa Fe Opera production of Don Giovanni!

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