Saturday, October 23, 2004

Isn't it romantic?

Dad and Mom went for a date about four this afternoon, strolling down the corridor, with Mom holding onto her IV stand. Dad says this is the first time he has taken a walk with Mom without a hospital attendant/chaperone.

I'm sorry to report that Mom still has vomiting and diarrhea especially when she has to swallow pills, have blood drawn, or other have other activity or tests. She doesn't want to read because it is too complicated getting back support and bifocals aligned. She had an abominable snowman CAT scan Wednesday that didn't show anything. The doctors are as frustrated as we are. They have added steroids to the mix of things she is taking for the bacterial infection of the small infection. Her diet is still gluten-free. Her blood tests are going to Mayo and to California, but not showing anything.

Dad is discouraged because Mom is confused and can't keep a sense of days and nights and time. She is sedated for some of her tests. She reports seeing a rainbow when there hasn't been one. She is very enthusiastic about a card from Jeannie with Morel mushrooms on it. She continues to have great rapport with the hospital staff.

Since my sister will be in Lincoln for Thanksgiving, the folks want me to come at a different time. I told Dad the story of how I resented the beautiful plants I received in the hospital when one of the boys was born because the plants were making too many demands for my time and nurturing (and dang near talking too loud) when I was so exhausted and depressed. I wanted the folks to know that I understand when the change of the slightest variable seems overwhelming.

Dad has spent a frustrating time trying to renew his TRAK mobile phone and get a new card and secret number. After losing sleep about it for a couple nights, he finally got a real nice real person who fixed everything up after he told her he was 81 years old. He's also been to the dermatologist to take care of four spots on his hand and one on his cheek. I am completely impressed this evening at how he is coping with all these changes.

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