Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Monday wasn't too great for Fritzi, and she ended up very limp. In the morning she had a CAT scan that took a lot of time and strength. They are looking at the part of the brain that controls nausea, which is scary, too.

The fish served for lunch was icky, but she ate her applesauce and tea. She talked to the doctor about her dry cough, and got something for that. Dad says Robitussin, but I don't feel he actually knew what it was.

Because the orchid was dying, Dad talked to Louanne at the garden center(over-watered), and learned Dick had to cut short a trip back east to return for laproscopic gall bladder surgery. Mom is very fond of Dick, Dad's delightful golf buddy whose wife passed away last year, so this was upsetting. Dick is on sixth floor, so Dad visited with him for a minute.

Mom lost her supper, and ended the day weak.

Someone is picking up the snow-blower for a tune-up/oil change. Dad had a Philly cheese steak with the works for supper. He says they are due for a good day today. Please send good vibes everybody, and for Dick too.

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