Friday, October 29, 2004


Dad reports that Thursday was a "pretty damn good day". Mom did a lot of walking, including trips to the floor lounge to read the newspaper, and to get some magazines. This is the first time she has been interested in reading the news in all this time. She especially wanted to find more news stories about the quadruplets that were born in the same hospital sometime this week. An aide had taken her down to the nursery window, but the quads had not been on view at the time.

Mom's attitude was good, and she was aware of dates and appointments. She is relieved after reading the bushel of mail from Medicare and Mutual of Omaha about the benefits paid on her first spell in the hospital. The expenses are being well-covered. Phew!

Mom is also into orange sherbet when she is still hungry after her meal, and we love hearing she has that much of an appetite. Also, she is sitting up much more. It is tough keeping track of all the doctors in the internal medicine and gastroenterology partnerships. Yesterday the internist decided Mom needed more potassium, and the gastro guy determined she needed more manganese (or the other way around). Rather than having her choke down giant pills that might not be tolerated, they hooked up the "pick" IV and gave her the potassium and manganese
that way.

Dad was on hand when the young gastro doc of the week made his rounds yesterday. He said they must get all these electrolytes in balance before Mom can go home. Dad asked what the status was on all the different lab and blood tests, including the ones sent to Mayo and to California, and got a full report on all but two. He said every one of them had come back either inconclusive or negative. This is good, but doesn't give us any more indication of what caused all this. A bit later the doctor stopped back in and reported that the last two tests were also negative/inconclusive. So, as Dad says, we still have nothing to hang our hats on but that one little biopsy that maybe showed celiac/sprue.

I am disgusted that the hospital kitchen is still sending inappropriate foods to Mom. This seems to be the weak point in all the staff and care she has received. Mom is with it enough to not eat what could contain the gluten, but it is ridiculous that she is still receiving hamburgers in buns.
Both the folks are caught up in hearing Rochelle's trick-or-treating plans with her kids. I think this woman provides a huge service of comic relief and laugh therapy for patients.

Dad's dermatologist reported back on the biopsy of a small growth on his cheek. "DR ZIT" has been taking care of Dad for thirty-five years. Dad's little growths on face, ears, and hands are always precancerous minor deals. The doctor cleans them out with a laser. Remember to wear sunscreen and a hat! That is why I've been reading a cute book about going fishing with a tackle box AND A HAT to all my preschoolers this week. It's called "A Good Day's Fishing", by James Prosek.

Dad is going to check on possibilities for Mom to vote Tuesday. She has a perfect record of voting in every election. He still hopes she'll be home before then. And that's all the nort spews, as Tank McNamara used to say.

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