Monday, October 18, 2004

Runza sounds good to me!

Talked to both the folks at the hospital last evening. Mom said she would be at the hospital at least until Wednesday as some doctor has ordered a two-day stool series (lab test). She is on a diet of"fully-cooked meals" now with "double fat", but she says she can't eat enough to actually get the double fat. Dad had been to Runza. They had talked to both Aunt Bev and R.

I could tell how frazzled Dad was when he told me on Friday night,"Do you know how many meals I have had to eat with someone throwing up in the next room?" I hope he enjoys some quiet meals this week. M

I realize that a blog about intestinal problems is an odd place to promote a fabulous Nebraska food called a runza. Just get over it, because runzas are to Nebraska what White Castle, Steak'n'Shake, and Krispy Kremes are to their areas of origin. I hope runzas get their turn in the spotlight and all over the map soon.

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