Saturday, October 30, 2004

Scooped pumpkin guts

It is a day to be grateful for "courageous little souls" and for the support of strong silk webs woven by many small spiders working together!

I love all of your reports about your folks... I feel as though they are part of my own family, and I'm "teary" or "elated" right along with you, depending on the news of the day. What brave and courageous little souls are Howie and Fritzi, handling all of the various events that have come their way in the last couple of months. What a brave soul you are, Nancy, as well. To be so far away at this time in their lives, has to be an ache beyond compare. Please always know that there are so many of us with you on this journey and if thoughts count, you all are wealthy...Happy Halloween .

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