Friday, October 29, 2004

Sorry I didn't get this written up after I talked to Dad. He said the results of the transfusion were already showing. Mom was discouraged, though, because she lost her breakfast. It had been several days since she had any nausea. She was given her before-breakfast pill after breakfast, and that caused the problem. Dad was very ticked off about it.

The doctors seem to be getting a handle on the steroids and blood balance. Her blood pressure is up, which is good. She still has the edema from the fluid retention. Her appetite is good. She is clear-headed, just discouraged.

Mom's not aware how whacked out she was on Sunday. At one point she saw bugs coming out of Dad's shirt pocket. I am creeping out thinking of the 1991 movie of William Burrough's "Naked Lunch":

Dad was having an Arbys with barbecue sauce and a side salad with Santa Fe Ranch dressing (to get his greens). He had mowed the leaves again yesterday afternoon from Bob's damn sycamore. We all know Dad's not kidding much when he says if those big leaves fall off the tree and hit you they can knock you out.

Dad had scoped out a place at the other end of fifth floor with a big window. He and Mom walked down there to look out over all of Eastridge with the fall foliage colors. Mom knew what she was seeing, where the swim pool is, etc. After the walk she sat up awhile with a blanket.

The transfusion process was started about five p.m. Tuesday. It went slower than expected, and after eight Mom was having some distress, coughing and gagging. She told the nurses it felt like "someone is sitting on my chest". They called in the head nurse for the floor (she is the one who did the research on the drug interactions with the steroids) and after a nurse conference they solved that problem. Mom did have a rough night after the transfusion, though.

Dad said last night would be a good night because Mom's "favorite team" was on. No, not the Red Sox--Nurse Sally and Rochelle, the aide who got her all calmed down Sunday night. Also Sera was on duty, and she does the very best showers and shampoos.

Dad and I talked about Mom's discouragement. I think it could be as related to the steroids as the earlier aggression, and suggested having a psych nurse visit with Mom. He thinks the head nurse of the floor is the person who fills that role, and he will look into it.

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