Sunday, October 24, 2004

Strutting her stuff

Mom's been out gallavanting around the hospital corridors today and viewing somebody's wedding photos down at the nursing station. I talked to Nurse Tiffany when I couldn't catch Mom in her room on several tries, since I thought she might have changed rooms. Tiffany said she was doing really well and will go home in the next day or so.

Mom said the Gastro Doc on call this week was amazed at how much better she looked than yesterday. He told her she can go home tomorrow if she doesn't throw up before then. She is tired of the hospital, and the dinging of the IV and all the other noises.

Dad said Mom is much more "feisty and energetic". She is also looking in the mirror, combing her hair, etc., now. He found some wheat-free crackers for her soup, and she is excited about that.

Dad used the mulching mower on part of the backyard this morning, which was why I couldn't catch him either. He didn't want the leaves to get too deep, because the mower doesn't work then. He had a great visit with H. yesterday, and also with my brother, who offered to come down today. They asked him to wait until next weekend.

We are off to a soccer game now with that good news.

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