Saturday, October 16, 2004

Tech Tour and Travel

Got to Lubbock and had an early supper with Mike. Then we walked all over the Tech campus and visited. It was great to get a sense of his place finally. We hung out at his apartment when the mosquitoes drove us away from campus. Before settling down to sleep I checked my email:

Nancy et al - 5:35 pm Don't want to interfere with your weekend but...I just got off the phone with Dad. After a doctor visit he took Mom back to the hospital this afternoon. She has lost twelve pounds since she got home. Dad had just returned home when I called.

I got a long report about the day and then the scoop at the hospital. Very low blood pressure, continued diarrhea/vomiting has led todehydration."Old home day" there. So glad to see all their friends and our heroes. Mom is settling in and they are getting things rolling fast. Dad feels like a huge weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He feels very confident that she will get the best care possible there. He sounds relieved just as he did the last time he took her to the hospital.

Call me if you would like more details. M

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