Friday, October 29, 2004

Transfusion for the support crew

I know this is probably a late response since this news is already one day old. I hope things went better today and I do appreciate your daily updates. I got a letter off to your folks today (after writing in the plane yesterday). I'll try to do another one in Seattle since it means a lot to them to get mail, I know.

Boy, it is really discouraging to see our folks not be as independent as they would like to be. The things my mom tells me remind me of Halma Mastalir when I first got married and moved to Pierce. The tone of voice, the fraility and the lack of coherence are all what I remember so vividly of Halma and now I'm experiencing it in my own mother. Keep your sense of humor and strength and that way we can hold on to some sense of stability.... Otherwise, we might drown in it. Your folks are very strong and stable, so I'm sure they will maintain, but it is hard. Always enjoy hearing from you...


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