Tuesday, October 12, 2004

True grit

Mom managed to go from 11:45 last night to 4:00 this afternoon without a "major disturbance" This is a new record.

Tomorrow the folks will call the doctor to ask about alternatives for the metamucil-ish grit that seems to be the culprit for setting off the heebie-jeebies. I told them to ask about alternatives for taking pills on an empty stomach before breakfast, too. Mom gets "too hungry" while she is waiting the prescribed length of time before eating. We all know about "too hungry"! Kind of makes me want a Hershey's Kiss, lemon drop, or Kraft caramel.

Mom called her sister using the cellphone, and brought her up-to-date. The folks are enjoying a good watermelon. Fresh fruits are a big part of her celiac diet. Fritzi is also enjoying hot tea and taking walks outside. Dad is warming to his role as the chef.

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