Monday, January 03, 2005

Filling in for Harrietta Reasoner

Hi, all! This is R. sitting in for your regular correspondent with today's "Fritzi Flash." I talked to mom about 10:30 this morning. Dad was out running errands. Specifically, he went to find some long sleeve undershirts, because it is COLD in Rochester (who knew?). Mom said that they had a slow weekend, with the holiday, but her doctors agreed that was not a bad thing, because they wanted to give her stomach a rest after all the tests last week. She will have more tests today and, just as importantly, some results from last week's tests. She said that it was a "slow and limp process," that she was still so weak that she was not walking as much as she should, and that she really was no stronger now than when she arrived. On the plus side, at the end of our call, a woman arrived to give her a shampoo, so fresh hair may give her a fresh outlook on things. A definitive diagnosis would be even better! Mom said that she expected to be at the Mayo Clinic at least another five to eight days, but it was hard to tell at this point. She mentioned that, when the time comes to go home, the tentative plan is for M. to fly into Minneapolis, then drive them back to Lincoln, then fly back to DC from Lincoln. I suggested that a more sensible plan, depending on timing, might be for me to drive up to get them. That concludes today's "Fritzi Flash." Nancy should be back in charge tomorrow!


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