Saturday, January 08, 2005

National Muse Appreciation Day

Hey, Girl! I love you. How are you doing? Are you remembering to print your name neatly on the upper right-hand corner of all your papers?

Much going on here. The whole Mayo thing is so bizarre as I teach my dad about VISA bills and coin-op washers. So is getting in touch with my mom's side of the family. Playing Mission Control with sibling weirdness is a new challenge. I know--I'm gathering material for my novel!

My high school friend is pushing me to write. I'm not sure just what. Maybe beginning readers with an art class take and wacko projects.

Continue to love and study the operas for this season. "Jenufa" is my favorite, although it is gut-wrenchingly sad.

I know you are lurking out there in cyberspace to occasionally check on my progress like some bizarre Macy's Santa Seismic Tinkerbell. In this role you are using a lot of styling gel and glitter blush. The benevolent attendance monitor resides in Olympus.

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