Sunday, January 09, 2005

Therapies for control freaks

You've probably noticed that I handle problems, crises, and emotions by taking notes on the facts and then writing about facts as best I can understand them. Then I try to find humor somewhere in the situation. It's either a gift or a character flaw, but it's the defense I learned early and always revert to.

Whatever it is, it's the reason I have all these notes to reconstruct the story of my parents' ordeal, and put them in this blog. Therapists would and have reminded me it comes at a price, by limiting the emotional richness and texture of life.

It's scary in the odd moments when the emotions take over. That happened this morning when I learned that a dear friend's father passed away suddenly. In the time it took to read one sentence, I was awash in tears and sniveling all down my shirt. The spigot had been turned on all the tears and fears that have been building up for months.

I named this blog "AnchorWoman" because my parents consider me their anchor. Today reminded me that I am also the tv news anchorwoman who can relate the saddest news event without messing her make-up and then joke with the sports and weather guys.

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