Saturday, January 08, 2005

What's the news across the nation?

This is the first time in weeks that Dad has talked about getting the news. The consistent nights of sleep must be helping. While Mom was having a shower and shampoo this morning, he took a banana he'd saved from breakfast and went to the lounge to watch CNN. The St. Mary's patient/visitor library will be open this afternoon. He plans to go up there and read a newspaper. It is warmer, but snowing in Rochester, so he has shelved his plans to ride a city bus to Walmart, thank heavens! And thanks so much to my sister for shipping him some warm mock turtlenecks so he doesn't have to shop. He's mastered the laundry at the motel, but shopping seemed like more than he needed to tackle. I'm very thankful for the extremely knowledgeable and helpful woman at the motel desk, too, for making his life easier.

i was proud of him for his attitude about riding the bus. a can do thing. i sure like him. this has been tough following your mom... what an uphill road... what would she do without your dad? B.

That was the cold fear in my gut when Dad told me his bus plan. I know that he would probably be just fine, but I absolutely, positively need him to be fine. He is our man on site!

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