Friday, February 18, 2005

20/20 at Twenty

My middle son is turning twenty today. I gave him a call, but he was at work and couldn't talk long. He'd received my cookie care package, and a card from Gramps. We talked about so many emotions running so close to the surface these days.

This son has 20/20 vision. He has a keen view to his future, a thrifty and hardworking plan for the present, and a deep emotional connection to his family that pleases and supports us all.

I think he got his clear vision just before birth. Second pregnancy, arrangements all planned out for little Jeffrey at the neighbor's, Lamaze choo-choo train breathing, and nothing to do but wait. If this kid didn't pop out in a day or two, my OB/GYN would induce labor. As he said, "There are too many people in your body."

The nurses had me racing laps through the corridors in my breezy hospital gown and pushing my IV stand. I was becoming convinced of the positives of arriving fashionably late! And then, adding insult to injury, the teaching hospital sent a med student who looked about twelve years old to test my vision.

I never got a happy face sticker after my eye test, but I eventually got a bouncing baby boy.

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