Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fither Pellows

Dad is coming to visit. He only sleeps on a feather pillow. At least that is my recollection, and I need to have all bases covered.

Dashed into Super Target this morning on the way to work. Scooped towels, sheets, pillows (feather and foam), Honey Nut Cheerios twin pack, Trident peppermint, and two cheapo plastic wastebaskets into my cart. Dang. Why don't friends give showers for relatives' visits instead of when you get married? Believe me, thirty years down the road you really appreciate new sheets and towels! Dewy-eyed love has faded, and a new rubber spatula makes you quiver with delight.

Speaking of covering bases, I am washing the cushions for the kitchen chairs. They look like baseball bases. Don't worry. I won't be sliding into second or third. Haven't Swiffered yet, so the floor is way too sticky for sliding!

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Sarah Rahija said...

I find your blog very interesting! I'm not very "artistic" myself, and even in your writing style can sense that about you -- I didn't know you taught art until reading your profile. You sound as if you are searching for something. Do you know what it is? Anyway, just wanted you to know I enjoyed your blog! Hope your dad's visit was nice, and that he enjoyed his feather pillow!